Our Class Offerings

We offer a wide range of class options to suit and encourage every dancer to reach their greatest potential. While we offer numerous genres, we strive to help every dancer to understand that ballet is the foundation and core of all dance forms. We encourage all our students to take ballet as it provides the base technique needed to excel in all other forms of dance.

Creative Movement: This introductory dance class the offers your pre-school child (ages 2-3) the opportunity to discover the joy of dance, music, and movement while building a foundation of independence, self

confidence, coordination, and body awareness.

Ballet: Ballet is integral to the presentation of all  

dance forms. Ballet training is a focused 

discipline that emphasizes body awareness,

proper alignment, and flexibility, as well as building grace and strength through classical ballet technique.

Tap: Rhythm-Traditional-Broadway-Tap 

develops rhythm, timing, coordination, 

and musicality. Classes emphasize proper technique, speed, and clarity from simple toe taps and shuffles, to advanced pullbacks and wing combinations, with a variety rhythms and shadings. 

Jazz: Musicality, Leaps, Turns, and Jumps are all part of jazz. This class will incorporate a variety of styles and skilled combinations taught in a fun, energetic environment.

Lyrical: Lyrical combines the technique of classical 

ballet and the free spirit of jazz into one

dynamic dance form. Beauty, strong lines, and emotion make this a favorite. Offered for ages 10 & up.


Pointe: Pointe is the natural continuation of classical

ballet training for our most advanced ballet students. Evaluation for proficiency in technique is required by our teachers, and dancers must have a minimum of one-year ballet experience. 

Hip Hop: This is a High Energy, Fast-Paced class with added break-dancing “street” tricks and focus on proper technique. This is a super fun class for boys and girls and is recommended for ALL ages!!!

Acro-Dance/Tumbling: Acro-Dance combines classical dance technique with acrobatics. Tumbling skills are incorporated to help with flexibility, coordination, and building strength. 

Adult Dance: Combo/Hip Hop A high energy dance cardio-class. Dancer’s will have 1 hour of a combo class ranging from jazz, salsa, to club dancing, followed by super fun high energy hip hop class. This is great way to learn versatility in many different genres of dance.

***NEW This Season*** Drama/Theater: This class strives to reach the inner thespian in everyone. Students will focus on numerous aspects of the theatre; such as set and costume design as well as some technical elements, all while refining their dramatic skills, and perform a small/one-act play during our annual recital. Pricing is calculated separately to account for weekly class/rehearsal time, costume rental(s)/cleaning, and additional props and accessories. 

Technique is the most important element and the greatest purpose of all fundamentals in dance; from ensuring the dancer is holding the body correctly while performing, to executing skills properly in a routine. Strong technique extends across all areas of dance, regardless of the style of the routine. Proper technique helps strengthen dance skills as it relates to choreography and increases flexibility.

Technique Classes: Offered for those dancers who have a desire to take their dance skills to the next level. Technique focuses on flexibility, progressions, as well as the technical aspects of leaps and turns. It is designed to develop balance, strength, elevation, and body alignment. 

Private Dance Lessons: These are offered by special arrangement and are available is sessions of 30 minutes to one hour. Please contact the front office if interested in scheduling a private lesson, to confirm availability and pricing.