Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What Classes do you offer and when?

  • We are proud to offer Tap, Jazz, Ballet,Pointe, Lyrical, Contemporary, as well as Hip Hop, and Acro for Dance.
  • Classes are typically held Monday through Thursday beginning after school and evenings.

2.  What are the ages and necessary experience needed to enroll?

  • Class ages range from 2 (must be completely potty trained; unless parent is on-site) to Adult.
  • Placement in classes are determined by age and the number of years a child has taken dance.
  • We offer classes from beginner through advanced.
  • We strive to place your child where they will be the most successful.

3.   How does the dance year run and what type of commitment is expected?

  • Our class season typically runs from August – May/early June. This results in approximately 36-38 weeks instruction.
  • Class attendance is very important for a young dancer's progress.  Excessive absences can affect you dancer negatively. Your commitment to our program is expected to continue through the end-of-the year recital.

4.   How will I be kept informed of information about my child?

  • We communicate MOST Often through email. An active email address is required for each student registered to ensure you receive the necessary updates and stay informed throughout the year.
  • Additionally, Dance Company parents are required to attend an informational meeting early in the season to review all company requirements and any additional information.
  • Information is also on our website www.bestfootforwarddance.net or you may contact us via email at bestfootforwarddance@yahoo.com.

5.  Is there a dress code?

  • As a standard for many of our classes; Black leotard and pink tights is required for girls and Black shorts/pants and white t-shirts for boys; however, due to the numerous genres of dance offered, we provide a more inclusive and specific dress code list based on the classes your student is enrolled in. Please check with the front office when registering, to obtain a list of your student’s specific class requirements.

6.  Do you have a recital or performance?

  • Yes. All enrolled students are given the opportunity to showcase what they have learned all year and to perform their class routine(s) in our end-of-the season recital.
  • We plan for all dancers to participate, so if you foresee any conflicts, please let us know ahead of time, so that choreography can be corrected where needed.

7.   Can I watch my child in class?

  • Approximately every 4-6 weeks, our parents and families are invited by the instructors to observe classes. The instructor has sole discretion on when classes are ready for parents observation.
  • Classes are typically closed during the rest of the year to help teachers keep the dancers focused. We ask that you do not enter the classrooms during instructional time to prevent unnecessary distractions.

8.  How do I register?

  • You may register anytime during our in-Season Office Hours Monday–Thursday from 4:30pm-7:30pm (unless otherwise posted or during holidays and/or school closings).
  • We do accept registration year-round; however, registering a student after January 1st may prevent them from participating in our annual recital, as costumes may no longer be available.
  • There is a yearly, non-refundable $25.00 registration fee for placement in any Best Foot Forward Dance education program.

9.  Do you offer adult classes?

  • We offer several options for Adult Dance Classes! Classes are based on enrollment, and times vary based on instructor availability.
  • For more information on our Adult classes, call or email us, and one of our helpful staff members can assist you!

10. If I transfer from another studio what do I need to do?

  • At registration, speak with our staff about the number of years your student has taken dance classes and arrange for an assessment of your child's dance experience. Sometimes an audition may be necessary for placement in our recreational program.
  • Auditions are always required for dancers seeking placement in our Competitive Dance Companies. Open Auditions are typically held in May; however, we may have a few open spots for transferring dancer’s through September.